mound of snow in front of open top trash containerWinter’s here and with it comes all that snow and ice many of us both welcome and dread. And while freshly fallen snow and a crystal-clear, icy coating on tree branches can create a winter wonderland that’s beautiful, it can also create a nightmare for our service drivers. They’re the unsung heroes who must negotiate treacherous roads, driveways and parking lots to safely reach and empty the wide range of open-top containers we supply to professional, commercial, and industrial companies around the region.

So if you’re a client with a contract for one or more of our front-load or open-top containers, we respectfully request just one thing from you this winter: please keep your container or containers free and clear of ice and snow. That means brushing off the top after a snowfall to avoid build-up and damage to the lid, which can eventually crack or even break if heavy frozen snow and ice are allowed to accumulate in large amounts. It also helps prevent the top from freezing shut or being hindered from closing completely — icy build-up around the lip can prevent the top from being secured, allowing it to blow open and fill up with snow and provide a wide-open haven for pesky critters.

Maintaining your open-top or front-load container during the winter months also means keeping the paved areas around it clear of ice and snow. This enables our drivers to safely maneuver their vehicles close enough to pick up and empty your container without sliding into it and damaging both the container and the truck. Even worse, it might damage vehicles or property around it if the driver is unable to maintain control of his truck due to slippery conditions. For that matter, keeping the area and the container snow- and ice-free also protects your employees from slip-and-fall accidents and injuries, which can be costly.

So the next time the flakes start flying, remember your front-load or open-top waste container and show it a little love by brushing the snow off and shoveling and de-icing around it. Your container and our driver will thank you for it!