Lunch is packed and you are settled in at the office, ready to start your work day. This is how most of us feel when we have arrived at work. At Mitrano Removal Service, our drivers take their safety AND yours seriously. There is a lot more to starting their day of driving than just jumping in a truck and hitting the road. They follow their daily maintenance checklist and perform the important tasks of maintaining the fleet. Whether it’s fixing a light, doing an oil change, or checking tires, they all know proper maintenance helps keep things running smoothly and safely.

We have a few front load drivers and several guys that drive both small and large roll-off trucks. These hard working men are up at the crack of dawn starting their day by getting their trucks prepped for a day’s work.

Our front load drivers handle the weekly trash and recycling needs of our residential and commercial customers, and have developed a great relationship with them. Whether it is a weekly pickup or an extra request, they provide our loyal Mitrano customers with courteous and timely service.

The roll-off drivers can be seen in a small or large truck bringing customers a new delivery or swapping out containers throughout the state. They handle a variety of roll-off customers including residential, construction, businesses, and horse farms. We are fortunate to have a great group of guys that put their best foot forward to get the job done in a professional and safe manner.

In a truck and on the road isn’t the only place you will see our drivers. Some of our drivers are skilled mechanics or welders and may be seen in the shop maintaining our trucks and dumpsters. At Mitrano Removal Service, we are fortunate enough to have a diverse group that enjoys working together and mixing up their day by helping each other out, on and off the road.