Dog days of summer are gone, leaves are falling and colder weather is coming in.

This usually means it’s time to fall clean! Getting a fresh clean start before winter will clear your mind and help control the germs while your windows are closed up over the winter months. Here is a list of household areas that benefit from some extra attention.

Kitchen: Remember grout, inside the dishwasher, refrigerator (get those coils) oven, garbage can, counter tops,cabinets and molding.

Bedroom: Refresh the bedding, vacuum and flip mattresses, switch out seasonal bedding and clothes, declutter closets.

Living Areas: Vacuum upholstered furniture (remember under the cushions), Polish wood furniture, wipe down the leaves of living plants and wash artificial plants, clean the screens and remotes/keyboards. Walls, windows, door knobs, switch plates, doors and frames and baseboards. Don’t forget curtains, window screens, and wash out air filters and vacuum filters.

The outside can benefit from the extra attention as well- cleaning out debris from flower beds and cutting back perennials, breaking up the soil by aerating, raking and feeding the lawn will give you a head start on spring. Don’t forget to check the gutters, drains, and trimming back branches, will help avoid trouble once the heavy snow comes to visit.

Cleaning usually means extra trash. Did you know renting a 15-yd. dumpster from Mitrano Removal Service LLC is the equivalent of bringing 6 pick-up truck loads to the dump? With a rear door that opens you can walk in larger items with ease and avoiding several trips to dumping stations.

Let our customer service representatives help you find the right size and type of container for your job. When cleaning yard debris ask about clean load dumpsters for Brush, leaves and stumps. We offer The Mitrano Mini 6-yd. for small household jobs. There are 10, 15 and 30 yard open top dumpsters for both yard waste and construction debris. Mitrano Removal Service is here to help simplify your fall clean up!