Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer homeowner or a professional contractor, kitchen and bath remodeling are two of the most popular home renovation projects — especially now, when many families have been spending a lot more time at home and getting tired of seeing the same old rooms, décor, and fixtures. 

Bath and kitchen remodeling presents a great opportunity to not only improve two of the most-used rooms in the house, but a way to help the environment and save some money through recycling. The trick is to plan ahead and begin your project with the idea that you’re going to reduce waste from the start by sorting and separating demolition debris and waste building materials into recyclable, salvageable, and disposable piles. The first provides items that can be reused in some way; the second, items that can be sold; and the third, debris that can be disposed of properly. 

Safe disposal is about more than tossing pieces of drywall into the garbage or repurposing old cabinets in the garage. It’s important that you remove construction waste in an environmentally-responsible way. If you plan on doing a medium to large interior demolition project — like remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, or another area of your home — one of the best ways to get rid of the debris is by renting a roll-off container from a responsible waste removal service such as Mitrano.

Materials such as old copper piping, brick, and cabinetry can be either recycled or reused. Working fixtures and appliances can either be sold or donated, enabling you to make a little money either through a cash sale or a tax credit. The trick is to separate your remodeling debris as you create it – throw trash in one container and materials such as recyclable metals in another. With a plan in place, you’ll have less waste and faster clean-up. 

Depending on the size of your kitchen or bath and the extent to which you are remodeling them will determine the size of the waste container, or containers, you’ll need. A 10-yard dumpster is sufficient for most small to medium-sized projects, such as a small bathroom remodeling job. Kitchens generally require larger dumpsters, anywhere from 15 to 30 yards, depending on the size and number of cabinets and appliances being disposed of.

For help in selecting and renting a roll-off container for your kitchen or bath remodeling project, and to learn more about properly disposing of waste debris and processing recyclable and/or reusable materials, contact the waste removal and recycling experts here at Mitrano Removal Service.