For many of our customers, regular contact with Mitrano Removal Service might be with one of our friendly, reliable drivers who deliver, maintain, and empty our wide range of containers. But behind our drivers is an office staff focused on keeping everything running smoothly. As a family-owned and operated business for almost thirty years, everyone here at Mitrano is a tight-knit team.

So if you’re one of those customers who have not yet met the office team, please allow us to introduce ourselves. When you have the opportunity, we encourage you to give us a call!

Starting at the top, there’s company owner and President Matt Mitrano. Matt’s rigorous work ethic, unwavering determination to provide the best service in the waste industry, and his customer-first approach has enabled our company to successfully grow and earn a reputation as one of the area’s top waste removal services.

Next is Mike Marshall, our Operations Manager, who’s been with us since almost the beginning. When Mike joined us in 1996 we had only two employees and three trucks. Mike quickly proved himself highly capable and flexible. His versatility is a great asset in keeping the operations running smoothly while the company continues to grow.

Matt Mitrano

Owner / President

Mike Marshall

Operations Manager

Patty Dee

Office Manager

Mike Marshall, Operations Manager

Mike’s been with Mitrano Removal Service almost since the very beginning. When he joined us, he may have lacked experience but he more than made up for it with enthusiasm and pride in doing the best job possible. Mike’s earned a lot of responsibility over the years, which is why he’s now helping run operations. His dedication and hard work are more than a match for whatever gets thrown his way every day. 

Patty Dee, Office Manager

Patty has been with Mitrano Removal Service for 9 years. She oversees every aspect of the office, from billing to sales & marketing to communication throughout the company, responding to issues and making sure the day runs smoothly. 

Billing Specialist Karen Rau, and Customer Service representative Tammy Finnegan, both ensure our customers are happy with every aspect of our customer service, including fleet dispatching, and timely and accurate billing. 

Our drivers keep our wheels turning.

Needless to say, our drivers are the guys who keep us moving every day – from pick-ups and deliveries to recycling runs and container servicing. Hats off to all of our drivers! These guys are true professionals who have earned the respect and admiration of our customers and the rest of us here at Mitrano. 

These are all the people who earn our reputation every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. From the office staff keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes to the drivers heading out to service customers every day. Without them, Mitrano Removal Service would not be the company that it is, enjoying the outstanding reputation it has, since 1992.