Demolition projects can generate large amounts of waste materials, much of which can be recycled. For example, old commercial and industrial buildings, even residences, can yield substantial quantities of metal, lumber, and other materials, including masonry such as brick, block, and other products that are especially sought-after for their used appearance.

These materials, though previously used, can be effectively recycled, reused and repurposed when handled and processed appropriately. By properly removing these previously-used masonry materials, we can provide a net benefit to our environment and our customers by creating valuable recycled products that can be readily repurposed for a variety of construction uses or applications.

Even when not recycled as intact used brick, there is still value in recycling brick, which can be crushed and reprocessed to make an extremely cost effective subbase material that is similar to quarried stone. These recycled products, known in technical terms as Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA), are environmentally friendly and make a compactable base material under new surface treatment products including asphalt, concrete, segmental paving stones and driveways.

Manufacturing new bricks requires mining shale and other virgin quarry materials which is costly and bad for the environment. If that old brick material can be put back to use, it can cut down on mining, which is a win for the environment. It also cuts down on waste demolition debris to aid conservation.

Many communities now have facilities that handle construction and demolition waste, but some are set up primarily to serve contractors, not homeowners. In addition, not all of them recycle the materials they receive. Instead, they slate them for disposal.

If you have masonry debris, especially brick, that you need to get rid of, contact us here at Mitrano Removal Service. We can provide the proper containers and disposal or recycling service to ensure your debris is safely and appropriately removed.