We are now officially in the cold months. The final leaves have fallen, temperatures are dropping, daylight is gone by late afternoon, and snow is coming. For many of us, this is hibernation time, when we frequently stay indoors with the warmth and comfort of home. For others, it’s time to work on those indoor projects. Either way, the holidays are here, and it’s time to set up decorations, but as you rummage around finding those decorations, you notice there is a lot of stuff you’ve had to work around. Sorting through our clutter is something we choose to deal with later “when we’ve got time,” but that time never seems to come.

The holiday season is the perfect time to go through all of the storage sites of your home and figure out what should actually be there and what needs to go. Take this time to go through not just one spot but every spot. Sift through your attic, the basement, all the closets, spare rooms, your room, the garage, shed, and even your yard. It’s easy to find clutter when we’re really looking for it. Clutter is sneaky like that. Time passes without us realizing all of the things stored up in every available space.

Filter through all of the sentimental knick-knacks, the old paperwork that was kept for safekeeping, any scrap materials from a remodeling project, broken items that were never repaired (let’s be real, it’s not going to happen!), or anything else that crosses your path that hasn’t been touched in a while. Take a good look at each item, and be honest when choosing if it’s really needed anymore. When was the item last used? A year ago? Two years ago? If it hasn’t been used for so long, it’s a sure sign that it needs to vacate the premises.

Enduring through the process of decluttering is time-consuming enough. Don’t worry about the additional process of removing those old items. When you’ve decided what needs to go, make sure you save yourself time by putting everything into one of our open-top containers. Our 10-yard container is the perfect size for almost any household project, but we can also provide larger ones at 15 and 30 yards. Once you’ve finished your project, we’ll collect and deliver it to the right destination.

A new year is coming quickly and so are new opportunities. Make sure your home is ready for what comes next. Make space in your home and in your life. If you’d like to know how Mitrano Removal Service can help you with your wintertime project, feel free to contact us!