Eco-friendly solutions can help you safely manage manure on your farm through several beneficial methods such as ethical removal services and composting.,

If you’ve owned horses for any amount of time, you know the amount of energy, resources, and funds they require. On top of it all, they sure can produce a lot of waste. Did you know that a horse can produce 50 – 60 pounds of manure each day? That’s about 10 tons of manure every year–from one horse. If you have multiple horses, then things can pile up even faster, which creates not only a management problem but also various health concerns.

Why It Matters

It’s important to stay on top of manure management for some serious reasons including:

    • Parasites. Manure can contain several parasites like roundworms or strongyles. If not properly handled, the parasites can contaminate feed, water, the pastures, or even other horses.
    • Pests. Manure can be the hub of stable flies, houseflies, and other insects. They’re also playgrounds for burrowing rats.
    • Water. Contaminants can leach from poorly managed manure and flow into local water sources like streams and ponds, which upsets the ecosystem and damages the environment.
    • Regulations. Today, there are federal regulations overseeing manure management and water quality. These regulations vary from place to place, so if you are concerned, check with your local agricultural extension agent for more information.
    • Aesthetics. Finally,  excessive piles of manure will not win you any neighbor-of-the-year awards. Improper management can create large amounts of methane gas and has been known to even lower property values. 

There are many reasons to be cautious with your manure management, and thankfully there is a way to safely avoid or at least minimize the potential risks. Keep in mind that while manure can be home to pests and parasites, it is also a valuable source of nutrition for the natural world. At Mitrano Removal Service we’re happy to provide an ethical and efficient manure removal program for any size farm, whether you are home to one horse or to hundreds.

Most of our horse farm customers prefer to retain a container at their facility on a permanent basis. We have the availability to provide regularly scheduled services or manage your container for “on-call” services. In regard to our open-top containers, we offer several different sizes that will suit your needs.When you are ready, our experienced staff will safely remove the waste from your farm. At our facility, we will recycle the manure so that it may be used to promote a healthy and natural environment.

For more information on how we may help you and your farm, please contact us today!