Have you ever thought about how much solid waste is produced each year in the world or even in just the United States? According to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2018, United States citizens produced 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW), or 4.9 pounds per person, per day. That’s a lot of solid waste, and only 69 million tons were recycled and 25 million tons were composted. Needless to say, our national environment needs help in tackling solid waste disposal. That’s where Mitrano Removal Service comes in.

What is solid waste?

To put it simply, solid waste is any garbage, refuse, or discarded material from just about any commercial operation, individual activity, or community activity. For us, this means any garbage or litter we produce like food waste, organic material, recyclable material, or non-recyclable material.

With our population and the influence of consumerism on the rise, it’s important that we learn how to use what resources we have to properly dispose of our solid waste and promote a healthier community.

How you can make a difference

If you’re a homeowner or operate your own business, Mitrano Removal Service has the ability to recycle a lot of the waste material we naturally produce. Some of the materials we process daily are the following:

  • A wide variety of metals
  • Yard waste like brush, leaves, and stumps
  • Masonry like asphalt and gravel
  • Bricks
  • Horse manure
  • Roofing material
  • And even more

We use a variety of recycling centers to get the best possible recycling services available within our service areas. Some of the recycling facilities that we use are for specific products, for example our roofing material goes to a center that exclusively handles and recycles only roofing material. The same process is used for our manure recycling. We take this to our own recycling facility that is used exclusively for manure and other organic material.

If you’re wondering how we can help you dispose of your solid waste material, the process is quite simple. We first provide you with the container that best suits your needs. Our open-top containers range from 10 yards, 15 yards, 30 yards, and even 40 yards for larger projects. Once you’ve filled the container, we collect it and take the materials to the proper recycling facility. It’s that simple!


If you need help properly disposing of your solid waste, please contact us to learn how our dedicated staff at Mitrano Removal Service can help you today!