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Horse Manure Compost

Horse Manure CompostOne of the major issues horse farmers encounter is the large amounts of manure that naturally build up over time. Leaving a manure pile unmaintained can quickly become a health risk factor both to your horses and to the environment. Having those piles removed to a facility that processes it into horse manure compost is a positive way to help your farm without giving yourself even more work. At Mitrano Removal Service of Shirley, Massachusetts, we’re happy to help you take these steps.

By having your farm’s waste turned into horse manure compost, you provide the following benefits to your farm:

  • The removal of parasites and pests
  • Keeping your nearby water clean
  • Reducing strong manure odor
  • Significantly cutting down your manure piles
  • Conserving natural resources
  • Reducing dependence on chemical fertilizers

When you choose to create horse manure compost, you choose to promote a healthier natural world. After the manure is made into compost, it can be used as natural fertilizer that will safely enrich the soil. Unlike raw manure, compost slowly releases its nutrients like nitrogen, allowing plants to use it over a longer period of time. Composting also encourages your horses to even out their grazing patterns, which can save your grass.

We provide both small and large horse farms with our horse manure compost program to suit the farm’s individual needs. Most of our horse farm customers prefer to retain a container at their facility on a permanent basis. We can also provide you regularly scheduled services or manage your container for “on-call” services. Some farms choose to stockpile their manure and require bi-annual or quarterly removal services. Whatever you choose, we’re here to do what’s best for you.

Whether you own one horse or several horses, if you need help with horse manure compost, take the time today to contact us. Our experienced staff has the ability to safely remove piles in an economical, environmentally sound, and timely manner to decrease the impact on your horse farm. We’re excited to speak with you!

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