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Junk RemovalWhether you are starting a construction project, demolition, moving, or even the seasonal cleaning, the big question comes down to what to do with the junk removal. You will need a way that saves you time and is cost effective. Through Mitrano Removal Service, located in Shirley, Massachusetts, you will have a supportive team that provides you with the resources to safely dispose of your waste, and we’ll save you precious time by hauling it away for you.


One of the first things to consider for junk removal is the disposal container that suits your needs. At Mitrano, we have several open-top containers of various sizes that are fit for whatever project you’re taking on.

For smaller projects like basement or garage cleanouts, residential construction, remodeling, yard waste, or manure removal, the 10-yard or 15-yard container is the perfect size. And if you’re taking on larger projects like demolition, large-scale construction, whole-house cleanout, or roofing and metal removal, then the 30- or 40-yard container provides ample space. If you’re unsure about which container is best for your Shirley MA, junk removal, our team of experts are happy to speak with you and find the perfect fit.


We understand that junk removal is quite the undertaking, which is why we are glad to help you through the process. When you are ready to begin your project, we will deliver the open-top container to your location and drop it off where it is most convenient for you. Once you’ve completed your project or have filled the container, we will collect and deliver it to the proper facilities, where the waste materials will be carefully and responsibly processed and recycled.

If you are planning to undergo the demolition of one or more structures, we also offer full-service demolition for almost any structure, whether it be a barn, commercial building, residential structure, or garage, we are fully prepared to help you with your junk removal. We can service almost any of your demolition needs and even recycle most of the waste material depending on the contents.


Having a safe and timely junk removal is our top priority for you, and so is being environmentally responsible, which is why we offer clean-load, or recycling, containers. Surprisingly, much of your waste material can actually be recycled and used for other needs. If you’re removing items like metal, yard waste, masonry, brick, or manure, those materials will be transferred to the appropriate recycling facilities and given new purposes, helping preserve our natural world.

If you’ve been planning a project for your home or business, you will have waste that needs to be removed. Contact us today to learn how we can help make the process easier for you, saving you precious time, money, and energy. Our team members are happy to speak with you!

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