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Manure management might not be one of the most enjoyable jobs on a horse farm, but it’s a necessary one. Most horses produce between 8-14 piles a day, on average. Consider this quantity spread across your pasture over many months and even years and that adds up to a lot of manure. Fortunately Mitrano Removal Service can help lighten your load (pun intended) with regular manure removal services using a dedicated manure dumpster.

Manure disposal on a regular basis provides a number of benefits:

  •         Reduces internal parasite contamination
  •         Reduces nuisance and potentially harmful insects by eliminating breeding habitats for flies
  •         Minimizes adverse effects on water sources from drainage across a pasture containing manure

We can provide horse farms of all sizes with a manure dumpster through a custom manure removal program that suits the farm’s individual needs. Most of our horse farm customers prefer to keep a container at their facility on a permanent basis. We offer flexible manure removal services and can provide regularly-scheduled pick-ups or manage your container on an “on-call” basis.

Some farms choose to stockpile and require bi-annual or quarterly manure removal services. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has the ability to properly manage your manure dumpster and safely dispose of manure in an economical, environmentally sound and timely manner to decrease the impact on your horse farm.

Our waste removal specialists can help you determine the right size manure dumpster for your operation. Our 10-yard open top containers are popular with average-sized area horse farms and take up little room, making them a highly-flexible, cost-efficient manure dumpster.

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